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Whooper Swan, near Bergen, NorwaySnow Goose landing, Bosque del ApacheFlap, flap, flapWhooper Swan, near Bergen, NorwayAntipodean Albatross (ssp gibsoni), Sydney PelagicWhite-capped Albatross, Wollongong PelagicBald Eagle, Wilde Lake, MarylandBearded Vulture, Valais, SwitzerlandBearded Vulture, Valais, SwitzerlandPochard, Rolle, SwitzerlandLong-tailed Duck, Barnegat Lighthouse, New JerseyHarlequin Duck, Barnegat Lighthouse, New JerseyWhooper Swan family, near Bergen, NorwayAmerican Oystercatcher, Nickerson BeachPiping Plover, North Shore of MassachusettsPiping Plover, North Shore of MassachusettsWhite-winged Snowfinch, Valais, SwitzerlandHawfinch, Mies, Switzerland