I offer a custom learning experience, either in the field or siting at a computer. My primary focus is on wildlife photography, and topics that I offer include:

  • Camera set-up
    • Autofocus settings
    • Custom button configuration (back button focus etc)
    • Lens calibration
  • Exposure and metering
    • The aperture/shutter speed/ISO triangle
    • Metering patterns, manual mode, exposing to the right, maintaining highlight/shadow detail
    • Understanding histograms and making sure your in-field image review is giving you the right advice!
  • Composition
    • What to include and what to leave out
    • Foreground, middle ground and background
    • Balancing elements, leading lines, symmetry and patterns
    • Rules, and breaking rules
    • Reflections
  • Field craft
    • Handling a telephoto lens
    • Birds in flight
    • Garden set-up
    • Support: tripod, ball-head, gimbal (Wimberley), bean bags and ground pods
  • Flash
    • Fill flash
    • Balancing ambient light and fill flash
    • Better beamer
  • Digital darkroom
    • Work flow
    • Raw conversion
    • Post-processing (DPP, Lightroom/Photoshop and Macphun)

I find that everyone's grasp of photography is different, so don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss what you need help with.